“Traditional contract management systems are a ticking time bomb of undiscovered costs and risks for organizations,” said Charles Clark, CEO of Rosslyn Analytics.  “Today marks the end of building or configuring contract management software solutions.  The RA.Pid Contract Management app sheds new light on commercial risks within seconds of loading contract data into the RA.Pid platform.”

Charles Clark, CEO Rosslyn Analytics

Okay, can I have a show of hands – virtually speaking . . . how many of you read a press release beyond the headline?  How about beyond the first paragraph?

It is an interesting question in that like mining for gold, when it comes to the age old PR (press release as opposed to public relations – although sometimes it is hard to tell the difference), you usually have to dig through a lot of self-serving, look at me I am great dirt before you strike something of any real value.

Like the smoke and mirrors that is Search Engine Optimization or “SEO,” where your focus is on creating contrived versus authentic content in the hopes of moving to the front of the Google line, press releases that offer the promise of heralding exciting, industry changing news rarely deliver on that promise.

However, when you do come across a press release that has more substance that sizzle, or bite as opposed to bark, the effort to sift through the voluminous self-serving platitudes is usually well worth the effort.

Such is the case with Rosslyn Analytics’ latest PR in which they announced the launch of the World’s First and Only Same Day ‘Buy and Use’ Contract Management App.

Given that my recent post on the Procurement Insights blog titled “Managing Supply Chain Risk: The Nokia and Ericsson Case Study” continues to garner the most reads in recent history, speaks to the importance of managing (or perhaps not managing would be the better term) the very contract risks to which Mr. Clark referred.

The trouble as alluded to in the opening paragraphs of today’s post is that while there is a very real need and now, what appears to be a very real and significant solution breakthrough, how many of us will actually miss it because of an albeit justifiable same old – same old cynicism that automatically relegates the majority of press releases to the virtual dust bin?

What is my point you may ask?  Simply this . . . all that glitters is not gold as we have discovered with the high failure rate of traditional contract management applications costing in the tens of millions of dollars, while the discovery of real gold requires digging or in this case research.

One of the primary purposes of this blog is to lessen the amount of digging my readers have to do to uncover the glint of a possible gold strike in the form of a truly remarkable disclosure or announcement.  Or to put it another way, if you are going to read any company’s press release, make sure that you count Rosslyn Analytics amongst those you consider to be noteworthy.

Now you might suggest that I could have just said this right out of the gate, and maybe so but . . . wasn’t the little journey to get  here interesting?


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